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Barney Post for CP-18

Part #: BI9031
Barney post for Catalina 18 / Capri 18 mainsheet cleat. Mounted in the center of the cockpit, it provides a much more convenient position for the mainsheet cleat than the earlier, backstay mounted design. With the barney post installed, your aft hand is on the tiller and the mainsheet falls easily to your forward hand. Yet, mounted on the centerline, it doesn't impede movement in the cockpit like an athwartships mounted traveler. Includes backing plate.
• Post: Black anodized aluminum
• Backing plate: Stainless steel
• Overall height: 10-1/2"
• Diameter of tube: 2-1/4"
• Base: 4" square
• Backing plate 6: square
• Top drilled for 10-32 fasteners on a 1-1/8" circle for use with the Harken swivel cleat pictured below
The Catalina Capri 18s have foam installed in the recesses between the hull liner and the hull to help keep the boat buoyant in case of a knockdown / swamping. Keep this in mind as you will need to remove that foam to get access to the area below the cockpit where you will be through bolting the barney post fasteners.