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Acrylic Window Add-on Installation Kit

Part #: Z5490
Acrylic window add-on installation kit. When purchasing sealant for acrylic windows found on Catalinas built in 1986 and later, use this kit for ease of installation.
• 180 Grit wet or dry sandpaper
• Masking Tape
• Spacers (approximately 150 spacers per kit)*
• Instructions:
• to build wooden fixture from local materials
• to install window using supplied materials

*Note: Remember the spacers are placed on 4" centers and stacked 2 spacers high. Measure your windows and calculate accordingly to determine how many kits you need. Order more than the minimum you calculate so you don't run out half way through your project.

Technical Support

Fixed Window Installation
How to install replacement fixed Plexiglas ports on your post 1986 Catalina

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