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Halyard Restrainer
CP-22, C-22, & C-25

Part #: Z3780
Halyard restrainer for headsail furling units on boats like the Capri 22, Catalina 22, and Catalina 25. Typically used in conjunction with Harken and Schaefer furling systems that use the boats existing halyard to hoist the sail. The restrainer corrects the angle between the halyard and the upper swivel when the furling sail is hoisted to prevent halyard wrap during the furling and unfurling of the sail which can cause your forestay to fail.

• Height: 1"
• Width: 1-5/8"
• Fastener spacing, center to center: 1-3/16"
• Fastener size: (2) 3/16" pop rivets or #10-24 machine screws