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Open Turnbuckle Body 1/4"

Part #: D1632
Chrome bronze, these turnbuckle bodies have several advantages over the closed body designs used on earlier Catalinas:
• Easy to flush out salt and debris with fresh water
• Pin securely with cotter pins that wont release unexpectedly like jam nuts
• Obvious visual check of turnbuckle adjustment
• Bronze threads wont gall like stainless against stainless
Known uses (there may be others in addition):
• Capri 16: All standing rigging (5 total)
• Capri 16.5 <-2010: Forestay only
• Capri 18: All standing rigging (6 total)
• Capri 22: Lower shrouds only (2 total), up to and including hull # 1258.
• Catalina 22: All standing rigging (8 total)
• All OEM and Catalina Direct lifelines

• Pin diameter: 1/4"
• Overall length of body: 4-3/4"

1) In 2010 Catalina started supplying their boats with Seldén masts and standing rigging. Current production Capri 14.2 (hulls 5449 and up), Capri 16.5 (hulls 1050 and up), Capri 18 (hulls 743 and up), Capri 22 (hulls 1259 and up) and Catalina 22 Sport (hulls 15759 and up) are now equipped with Seldén rigs. These boats require different mast fittings. If your boat has a Seldén rig, call our Technical Support at 916/843-1971.

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