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Quick Release Lever CP-16, C-22 Rigging

Part #: D1844
Our forestay quick release lever is custom made for your Catalina 22. Simply thread the quick release lever onto the stud on the lower end of your forestay. Usually, if you have a '83 or newer boat, there's nothing else to purchase. To lower your mast for trailering, just pull the pin and release the lever. When released, the lever extends the shroud 3" providing plenty of slack for easy removal from the chainplate. To step the mast again, just tension the rig with the lever. The mast will be tuned just like it was last time! May be used just on the forestay or on stud equipped forward lowers as well.
The quick release lever and boot are typically used aboard those Catalina 22's which are trailered regularly. They may be used singularly on either the forestay or the backstay. For the ultimate in speedy rigging, use in sets of three on the forestay and the two forward lower shrouds.

For boats with shrouds equipped with thimbles and eyes (usually pre 1983), new shrouds may be necessary for quick release levers to work. But remember, those shrouds are over 20 years old and should have been be replaced many years ago.

Add a quick release pin at the bottom of the lever to eliminate the need for cotter pins or ring pins and make the process just that much quicker.

• Clevis pin diameter: 1/4""
• Female thread for lower stud of forestay (or backstay): 1/4-28 RH
• Vertical distance from female thread (for stud) and bottom clevis pin: 6"
• Overall height: 8-3/8"