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Gooseneck Complete O-14, CP-14.2 <-2010, C-15, CP-16, CP-18, C-22 Improved

Part #: D2217
We are very excited to offer our improved gooseneck. This is the complete sliding gooseneck assembly suitable for thousands of boats, both Catalinas and Capris. The original gooseneck castings have always been prone to failure as a result of an aluminum casting's inherent weakness. The ears at the top for the tack of the mains'l and the forward tabs where the other components of the gooseneck attach were particularly problematic.
Our new gooseneck plug is created using a digital milling machine from a solid block of aircraft grade 6061 T6 aluminum. It is then black anodized for corrosion resistance.

The tack cringle of the mains'l fits between the top two ears. To install the new part to your existing boom, mounting holes must be drilled. To match the original hand-drilled holes, use the existing holes in your boom as a template.

Key features and improvements:
• Machined from a solid block of aluminum for strength.
• Eliminates casting that can have internal voids, especially at the narrowest area of the mold, and weakest area of the finished part.
• Vertical and forward ears made thicker for even more strength in those critical, high stress areas.
• Compatible with all of original OEM parts as noted below.

• Machined gooseneck plug
• Tack Pin
• Gooseneck toggle
• Toggle clevis pin
• Gooseneck slide

Suitable for use on 1, 2:
• Omega 14
• Capri 14.2 <-2012
• Coronado 15
• Capri 16
• Capri 18
• Capri 22 (early non-race models only, at #1259 replaced with Selden rig)
• Catalina 22
• Catalina 22 Sport (through #15758, beginning at #15759 replaced with Selden rig)

1) In 2010 Catalina started supplying their boats with Seldén masts and standing rigging. Current production Capri 14.2 (hulls 5449 and up), Capri 16.5 (hulls 1050 and up), Capri 18 (hulls 843 and up), and Catalina 22 Sport (hulls 15760 and up) are now equipped with Seldén rigs. These boats require different mast fittings. If your boat has a Seldén rig, call our Technical Support. Click on the "Tech Support" link below for contact information.

For Coronado 15 sailors: Although this gooseneck fits the vast majority of C-15 booms, on some late production boats, Catalina used a different boom and gooseneck assembly. This late version was made by a company which is no longer in business. Please check your gooseneck carefully to see if the item pictured here will fit your boom.

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