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Sail Track Boom Stop

Part #: D1150
A simple anodized aluminum part drilled and tapped to accept the included 10-24 threaded machine screw. One is used below a sliding gooseneck to prevent the boom from falling to the deck. An additional stop is often added above the boom to fix the boom's position when reefing or if a boom mounted cunningham is used. Choose this part when the position of the stop is changed only occasionally.
Two stops are used as clamps to fix a cleat, block, or other piece of hardware to the mast without drilling holes. This technique is often used to install components of a downhaul or cunningham. A 10-24 fastener passes through the cleat and into the female thread of the stop. The stops are placed into the mast track and the cleat is placed outside of the track. When you tighten the fastener, the cleat is clamped to the mast.

We also have a similar part equipped with a stud and large knurled knob for use without tools (see "May we also suggest" below) for use when the position is changed frequently.
Color of anodized part may vary from batch to batch, from gray, smoke gray, or black.

May we also suggest