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Sail Track Stop Round

Part #: Z2151
Used to prevent the mains'l slides from falling out of the sail track when the main is doused at the end of the day. When it's time to hoist the main again, just haul on the halyard and up it goes. No need to feed the slides into the track again. Fits your Catalina 22, Catalina 22 Sport, Capri 18, Capri 22, Catalina 25 and any model which uses standard 1/2" diameter round internal track extruded into the mast.
Includes large knurled nut. Slug in mast is 1/2" diameter X 7/8" high.
Vintage Catalina masts were machined by hand. The resulting sail slot varies in width. If your sail entry slot is narrower than the 1/2" required for this stop, you have three options:

1) When the mast is down, slide the stop up from the bottom of the mast.

2) File or sand flats sides on the sides of the stop until it will fit into the sail entrance slot. Once inside the slot, there will be plenty of room for the stop.

3) Choose the original style stops, D1150 (see below under "May we also suggest"). This style requires a screw driver to tighten in place but are smaller at 7/16" in diameter.

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