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T-Bolt with Toggle 1/4" RH

Part #: D1705
Earlier assemblies used a threaded toggle nut at the base of the screw as the connecting link between the threaded rod and the toggle. The forged T-bolt used in this assembly can't unscrew from the toggle like that earlier design.
Early Catalina 22's used turnbuckles with a T-bolt and toggle at both the top and bottom. Since the turnbuckle may have been installed with either the left hand or right hand thread T-bolt assembly at the bottom, we can't be sure which of the two you might need. Please check carefully before ordering. *

* Later Catalina 22's used roll swaged studs on the bottom end of the shrouds. Those studs were always right had thread. If you shrouds are still the OEM parts, and they have studs threaded into the top of the turnbuckle, the bottom T-bolt and toggles are left hand thread.

If you need the left hand version, see the related products below.

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