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Turnbuckle, 1/4", Complete, Seldén Rig

Part #: Z3509
Complete 1/4" turnbuckle for Seldén rigs. Includes toggle fork, stud terminal, and turnbuckle body. Note that the toggle length is shorter than on other 1/4" turnbuckles. Some reference dimensions are listed below for comparison. These turnbuckles are manufactured by Seldén in-house and are only available complete.
Used on:
• Capri 16.5 hulls 1050 & up: All standing rigging (5 total)
• Capri 18 hulls 743 & up: All standing rigging (8 total)
• Catalina 22 Sport hulls 15759 & up: All standing rigging (8 total)
• Capri 22 hulls 1259 and up: Lower shrouds only (2 total)
Seldén 1/4" Turnbuckle:
• Length (minimum): 155mm (about 6.102")
• Length (maximum): 218mm (about 8.582")
• Travel: 63mm (about 2.48")

Dimensions, non-Seldén 1/4" Turnbuckle:
• Length (minimum): 6.75"
• Length (maximum): 9.75"
• Travel: 3"
1) The lengths above are measured from the center of the clevis pin in the toggle fork to the end of the standing rigging wire (~1/4" up from the flat on the stud).

2) One 16.5 owner reports that trying to use our standard left hand thread 1/4" T-bolt with toggle, #D1704, does not allow for proper rig adjustment on his 2014 model with a Seldén rig.

3) Some of the original turnbuckles supplied by Seldén used a T-bolt and toggle for the lower connection. The current design uses a marine eye with a pin pressed in and toggle which has a longer slot to allow rotation of the toggle. The fit and function of the different styles are the same, but the newer style do look different.

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