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Heavy Duty Sail Bag, 39" Deep

Part #: D2338
This sail bag for your Catalina 22 is made of sturdy nylon material with a stitched in handle to ease the removal of your sail and a drawstring closure. Suitable for your main, jib, or genoa.
Remember! Always fold your sails. Stuffing sails into the bag without folding is like wadding up $100.00 dollar bills and throwing them to the wind! Each time cloth is creased, the resin which stabilizes the cloth is broken. Stuffing the sail creates many more creases than folding. When the sail is soft it is because the resin is gone. Now the sail stretches easily and it is impossible to maintain that nice airfoil shape that makes your boat sail.

Flake the sail back and forth sail every time the sail is stowed then loosely roll the sail into a bundle. Avoid folding on the same crease each time.