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CP-22 Improved Custom Color Mains'l Cover

Part #: CD7010

Our improved Capri 22 cover has several advantages over the original.

• Double thick 2" Sunbrella forward and bottom hem so that the twist fasteners don't tear out of the fabric in a heavy breeze and a #10 nylon zipper up the front of the mast with a flap cover
• Added reinforcement inside cover at top to prevent chafing of the headboard
• Reinforcing strip from top to bottom of mast closure to protect from twist locks abrasion
• Extra twist fasteners keep the sail from sneaking out below the boom.
• Our improved mast collar is much more convenient.
• Extra security tab at end of boom
• Extra anti chafe leather at the boom vang, mainsheet and topping lift adds to the cover's life.
This sail cover fits most Capri 22s. Check the dimensions in Measurement Drawing CD7010 below under "Technical Support" to be sure this cover will fit your boat. Complete and return the drawing.

If you need custom dimensions, complete and return the
Measurement Drawing Custom Mains’l Cover under "Technical Support" below.

1) A 50% nonrefundable deposit will be billed when your order for this item is accepted. The balance will be billed when the product ships.

2) This is a custom made part. You provide the information we need to build this product for you. Once you order it we are going to build it just for you, just as you asked. We never want to see it again, and no one else wants it either. So be careful and order it correctly the first time because it can't be canceled, returned, or magically changed into something different!

The price includes a cover up to 11.5' in length.

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