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Forward Shower Door Dog Assembly C-380, C-42

Part #: Z5253
The shower doors for these boats were custom made by Bomar exclusively for these Catalina models. Bomar required Catalina to purchase the doors in batches of ten. Bomar then created all of the components required to fulfill the complete order. All of the components were custom made. Bomar no longer has any of these custom parts available.

Bomar created the dogs by machining the dogs that were standard on Bomar hatches of a similar vintage to fit the purpose. You will need one left and one right hatch dog to create one assembly for your shower door. Two complete assemblies are used on each door. Substantial modification will be required for you to make shower door dogs from hatch dogs.

See "May we also suggest" below for the required dogs, and read the article under "Read More" for instructions.

Technical Support

Shower Door Dog Assembly, C-380 & C-42
Replacing the custom shower door dogs

May we also suggest