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LED Light Fixture, 12" Dimmable Light Bar

Part #: Z4928
12" Light touch bar. A very contemporary design and the touch dimming was great. Their very low profile would be much less obtrusive in the saloon than the original. Also they are 2700k color temperature so the interior of you boat doesn’t look like a refrigerator.
• Length: 300mm (11.8")
• Width: 33mm (1.3")
• Height: 9.5mm (0.37")
• Voltage: 10-18VDC
• Color Temperature: 2700K
• Lumens: 500
• Approximate power consumption: 0.33 amps
• Materials: Aluminum extrusion with end caps, Acrylic Lens
• Mounting: 2 M3 x 10 Screws