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Plastic Backing Block CP-22, C-22, C-25 Bow Eye, C-27 Bobstay

Part #: D2135
This is an improved version of the original oak bow eye backing block. The high density polyurethane block has better compression strength than oak so your bow eye is less likely to loosen over time. And unlike oak, it is impervious to rot. Supplied without holes, it can be drilled as needed to match your existing bow eye or our replacement bow eye pictured (and available separately below but not included with the backing block).
Refer to our How to Video Volume I for complete, step by step visual installation instructions.
Height: ~6"
Width: 1-3/4"
Caution: It is critical that the load from the bow eye be distributed evenly to the hull. Bedding the backing block in an mixture of West System epoxy thickened with 406 filler performs this function nicely. By pushing the block into a generous volume of epoxy filler you will form a bed of epoxy that evenly supports the load from the bow eye along the entire length and width of the backing block. If you have a challenge with epoxy flowing out from under the backing block before it begins to cure, make a dam from a sheet of plastic or cardboard. Tape in place below the backing block to provide extra time for the epoxy to begin to cure. See our small repair kit below for the appropriate supplies.

1) The bow eye is shown for illustration purposes only. If you need a new bow eye, it must be ordered separately. See bow eye listed below.

2) Some of our customers have reported that this backing block can also be used on the Catalina 27 tall rig for the lower attachment point for the bowsprit. As the block is shipped without holes, you may drill it to have the correct holes for your bobstay attachment hardware.

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