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Trailer Bow Eye U-Bolt

Part #: D1126
Heavy duty bow eye is secured with two studs through the hull for maximum strength. Many early boats used a bow eye with a single stud that will often loosen, rotate and damage the gel coat.
The eye is installed through our plastic backing block bedded in a mixture of epoxy resin, colloidal silica and micro fibers to spread the load throughout the area. The epoxy kit listed below has the resin and fillers needed for a proper installation.

If you are replacing the bow eye on an early Catalina 22, consider adding our
Stem Reinforcement Assembly. It adds strength to the stem fitting and prevents lifting the deck from the load of the forestay and genoa.
• Overall length: 5"
• Maximum grip length: 2-7/8"
• Thread diameter: 3/8"
• Center to center of studs: 1-3/8"
Caution: Never moor your boat from the trailer bow eye. It is intended to take a load from the trailer winch, directly forward of the boat. A boat "sailing on its anchor" will exert a substantial side load on the bow eye. That side load will bend the eye and probably damage the fiberglass and gel coat.