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Bed-It Tape
A Modern Butyl Tape

Part #: Z5589


Modern butyl tape (Bed-It) replacement for hardware bedding specifically formulated for marine applications. The formula for common butyl tape has changed over the years due to EPA regulations and no longer performs with the same elasticity. Today's butyl tape is susceptible to creep and hardening.

Our marine hardware bedding tape is specifically formulated to resist deformation under mechanical stresses because it remains at the same thick flexible consistency. As your boat and boat hardware flexes, so does our bedding tape, maintaining its seal. Intended to be used in conjunction with fasteners, it is easy to clean up as it is not an adhesive, but sticks to gelcoat, aluminum, stainless, bronze, or plastic. Sold in 50' rolls.

Follow the captions of the photos at the left for proper use in countersunk fastener holes.