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Motor Mount Stainless Backing Plate

Part #: D1654
Failures of wooden boards on early brackets prompted the creation of this backing plate. It sandwiches between your existing motor mount and the plastic or wood board. The plate takes the entire load of the engine. The wood or plastic board only provides enough thickness to accept the outboard motor clamp.
• Height: 10-3/4"
• Width (top): 10"
• Width (bottom): 8-1/8"
• Mounting hole spacing (center to center)
    Port to starboard (bottom): 4"
    Top to bottom: 5"
    Top of plate to center of top hole: ~4"
1) Warning! The use of either a wooden or plastic motor mount board without a stainless steel backing plate could result in the loss of your outboard and/or injury to the operator.

2) This backing plate is standard equipment on all of our new outboard motor brackets. It is an integral part of the new bracket, welded to it during fabrication. It is not necessary to purchase it in addition to the bracket.

3) The motor mounts that these backing plates are fabricated for are not built by robots. They have been built for almost 40 years by a talented stainless steel fabricator sitting at a welding bench. Sight differences from one bracket to the next, as well as subtle design changes over the years mean that the holes in these backing plates may not align perfectly with your individual bracket.

Top to bottom they are typically spot on but from side to side they may be slightly too narrow or slightly to wide. Rather than force you to drill four 3/8" holes through stainless steel, we have punched holes (see the Dimensions tab for detailed information). You may need to enlarge the holes slightly with a file for a perfect fit. The tension of the bolt clamping the plate between the bracket and the Plastic Motor Mount Board will keep everything in place nicely.

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