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Plastic Motor Mount Board

Part #: D1839
This UV stabilized high density polyethylene board replaces the funky board on your old bracket . It is supplied undrilled so you can drill to match your original. "I've used this plastic board for years on my boat and it still looks new with absolutely no maintenance." -Lowell
Failures of wooden boards on early brackets prompted the creation of our #D1654 backing plate. The plate takes the entire load of the engine. The wood or plastic board only provides enough thickness to accept the outboard motor clamp.
• Height: 11"
• Width, bottom: 7-7/8"
• Width, top: 9-3/4"
• Thickness: 1-1/2"
Warning! When in use, it is the stainless steel backing plate that supports the weight and load caused by the thrust of the outboard motor. The plastic board used by alone without the stainless backing plate will break under that load.

The use of either a wooden or plastic motor mount board without a stainless steel backing plate could result in the loss of your outboard and/or injury to the operator.

This plastic board is standard equipment on all of our new outboard motor brackets. It is not necessary to purchase it in addition to a new bracket.

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