1/2" EA diameter. Will fit original 3/8" gudgeon's 4 hole bolt pattern and accommodate newer 1/2" diameter pintle W/std rudder <-'86, C-22 W/KU rudder <-'87"/>


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Gudgeon 1/2" Bushed Retrofit, 4 Bolt Hole

Part #: D2045
Bushed with Delrin for smooth, wear-free operation. Mounting holes match the early 3/8" gudgeon's four hole bolt pattern and accommodates newer 1/2" diameter pintle.

1/2" pintles became standard equipment on
standard rudders in 1986. 1/2" pintles became standard on Catalina 22's on kick up rudders in 1987.
If your boat is currently still equipped with 3/8" pintles, and you like the bushed gudgeon idea, you can either:
• Upgrade your pintles to 1/2" diameter also or...
• Purchase these 1/2" gudgeons and then replace the 1/2" bushing with the 3/8" bushing #D2254 pictured below under "May we also suggest". Then you can use your 3/8" pintles in the heavy duty gudgeons
• Inside diameter: 1/2"
• Distance between outboard mount holes: 1-9/16"
• Distance between inboard mount holes: 1-3/8"
• Diameter of mount holes: cleared for 1/4" fasteners
• Distance from mount surface to center of bushed ferrule: 3/4"
• Width overall: 5-1/4"
• Height overall: 1"