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Pintle & Gudgeon Retrofit Kit CP-22, C-22

Part #: D2190
Our gudgeon retrofit kit is designed for the early Catalina 22 fixed rudder originally equipped with 3/8" pintles and gudgeons. The kit includes two gudgeons plus one long and one short 1/2" diameter pintle.
New gudgeons are bushed with Delrin for smooth, wear-free operation.
The mounting hole pattern matches early 3/8" gudgeon's four hole bolt pattern.
The Delrin bushing accommodates newer 1/2" diameter pintles. The new design is much stronger than the original 3/8" gudgeon. The old gudgeons often fail where the stainless is bent almost 180 degrees creating a weak spot.

Our new 1/2" diameter pintles are also a stronger design. The pin itself is positioned within the strap such that a more complete weld is possible. This eliminates a weak spot due to the design of early 3/8" diameter pintles.

The short pintle is used at the top of a standard rudder. The long bottom pintle inserts into the bottom transom gudgeon first. The short top pintle installs second making it easier to install the rudder onto the boat.

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