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Transom Trim
Improved UV Resistant

Part #: Z2590
This plastic trim is an upgrade to the original trim used on the Catalina 22, Catalina 25 and Capri 22. It covers the ragged edge of the deck at the hull/deck joint where the tiller passes over the transom. The "More Info" tab above explains why your boat's trim might appear different.
This upgrade is manufactured using an entirely different process than the original. Our part is made from co-extruded plastic. The substrate is ABS for strength. It is capped with a layer of Solar Kote ultra violet resistant acrylic. The acrylic is not a surface coating. It is a bonded layer that is about 10% of the total thickness, It is highly UV resistant and will last for years without the UV damage that plagued the original injection molded polypropylene part.

Early Catalina 22's used the full part just as delivered to you. The "cups" at the top ends of the part covered the ends of the narrow rubrail that was used on the first generation boat. Later 22's and the Catalina 25 and Capri 22 used the same part shortened at the top to achieve a proper fit. If you have a boat that does not require the cup at the top of the "U", it may be trimmed as required with a fine tooth metal hack saw blade or a large pair of shears. Two new mounting holes will have to be drilled near the top to take the place of the ones you cut off.

Both the original and the upgraded parts are the same shape. There are not two different shapes for different boats as many customers expect. If you need a new transom trim, this is the part.
1) A small dab of our polyurethane sealant applied at each screw hole in the fiberglass will prevent moisture from entering the laminate.

2) The distance the deck overlaps the hull will vary from boat to boat. There may be a gap between the back of the transom trim and the transom. Do not over tighten the screws. You could crack the plastic. Tighten only enough to hold the trim in place. It is not necessary to cinch it tight.
1) If you have a Capri 22, this part will work if your hull number is 860 or less. Boats with hull number 861 and above have a straight transom, and this part is not necessary.

2) Due to the size of the part, it requires a flat rate shipping charge of $5.95, which will be automatically added to your shipping at check out.