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Double Stacked Cheek Block C-22, C-22 SP,
CP-22, C-250

Part #: CD1616
This double, stacked turning block is standard equipment on the Capri 22 when equipped with the optional Racing Package or Spinnaker Gear. Used outboard of the mast, they lead the halyard from the mast exit block and turn the line 90 degrees aft toward the cockpit.
The same components are used in the same location on the third generation Catalina 22 (the MkII), the Catalina 22 Sport, and the Catalina 250 in a single sheave configuration. The fasteners have the same hole spacing. Owners of these boats who would like to lead additional lines aft can use this double block mounted in the same location to add one additional sheave per side.

If you would like to upgrade to ball bearing sheaves, add the sheaves pictured below under "May we also suggest". Since the ball bearing sheaves are slightly thicker, order two #Z4387 washers per sheave in addition. To accommodate the extra thickness of the ball bearing sheaves, add a washer above and below the spacer sleeve at the fastener opposite the sheave.
Approximate Dimensions:
• Width: 1-3/4"
• Length: 3"
• Height off deck (not including fasteners): 1-1/2"

• Sheave diameter: ~ 1-1/2"
• Fastener size: 1/4"
• Fastener mounting hole spacing, center to center: 1-3/4"
Included fasteners are supplied to keep the parts together during transport. Although they are stainless steel, the required length will vary depending upon your boat and application. After drilling your mounting holes you may need to obtain different length fasteners locally to suit your needs.

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