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Internal Outhaul 8:1 CP-22

Part #: CD7033
This internal outhaul increases the factory supplied 2:1 internal outhaul purchase to a more useful 8:1 thereby increasing the ease of controlling the draft of your mains'l. It uses the original cleat and cleat location but substitutes additional Harken blocks inside the boom to create more purchase.
The photo shows the layout of the blocks to illustrate how the system works, but all of these components are installed inside the boom. The forward block is secured to the original pin already located 25" forward of the aft end of the boom.
• Diameter: 1/4"
• Length: 25'
• Construction: Double braid continuous strand line without mill splices (see "Technical Support" below for the full story)
• Fiber: Dacron Polyester cover, w/ Polyester core
• Stretch: Very low stretch
• Color: White

1) This outhaul fits only the Capri 22 boom originally equipped with an internal outhaul. This boom has a tab extruded along the bottom of the boom when it was originally manufactured as shown in the above photo. Early Capri 22's ordered without the optional racing package were equipped with a simple oval boom similar to the boom on the Catalina 22. If you have the oval boom, use the Catalina 22 part #D1881 shown below to add an internal 8:1 outhaul.

2) In 2010 Catalina started supplying their boats with Seldén masts and standing rigging. Current production Capri 22 (hulls 1259 and up) are now equipped with Seldén rigs. These boats require different mast fittings. If your boat has a Seldén rig, call our Technical Support at 916/843-1971.

3) One early drawing indicates the pin in the boom is located only 18" forward of the aft end of the boom. This does not provide enough space for the outhaul. If your pin is only 18" forward, you will have to relocate it farther forward by drilling two new holes and moving the pin.

4) The length of this item is based on the original factory specifications. However, the previous owner, like Captain Jack Sparrow, may have had an entirely different idea about how to rig a boat! Please confirm this is the correct length for your particular boat. We cut it from a long length and can't splice it back together again. Your order cannot be canceled, returned or exchanged, but, like Jack, you may have a different idea of what you can use it for!