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Mast Gate Seldén Rig C-22, CP-22, C-250

Part #: Z4717
Sail track Mast Gate for Seldén rigs.

This is an optional feature for boats equipped with a Seldén rig:
• Capri 22 hulls 1259 and up
• Catalina 22 hulls 15759 and up
• Catalina 250 hulls 1004 and up

Key features:

• Provides a transition across the mast track sail entrance slot.
• Allows sail slides to move past the entrance slot for reefing.
• Reef right down to the gooseneck from the security of the cockpit
• Prevents slides from falling out of the mast track when the sail is doused.

• Length: 92.88 mm (about 3-21/32")
• Width: 17.34 mm (about 11/16")
• Depth: 14.45 mm (about 9/16")

1) In about 2012 (depending upon the model) Catalina began supplying boats with Seldén masts and standing rigging instead of the in-house fabricated spars supplied earlier

These include:
• Capri 22s (hulls 1259 and up)
• Catalina 22 Sports (hulls 15759 and up)
• Catalina 250s (hulls 1004 and up)
This part is only for boats with Seldén rigs.

2) Gate is spring loaded. To install, depress the shorter side spring in the slot and slide the gate down into the slot in the mast. It will have to go past the bottom of the slot to allow you to then depress the longer, top side of the gate and slip it up and under the stainless feeder at the top of the entrance slot at which point the gate will snap into place. To remove, depress the bottom of the gate and slide the gate down into the mast slot until the top is clear of the stainless feeder and then remove it by pulling it up and out.