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Mast Pad Eye

Part #: Z1917
This robust fixed stainless steel eye works well for a heavy duty whisker pole on a Catalina 22, Capri 22 or Catalina 25.
There are four different mast sections used on these two boats: The original oval Catalina 22 mast section, the flat Catalina 22 and Capri 22 mast section, and standard and tall rig Catalina 25 mast sections. The face of each these masts has a different radius. No one of these mast shapes is a large enough market for a mast eye to be custom made to fit just that mast.

The shape of this base is close to each of them but will need to be modified slightly to conform to the shape of your mast.

Another more versatile solution is our spinnaker pole track kit shown below. Since the eye slides along the track, the inboard end of your whisker or spinnaker pole can be adjusted to best advantage. If the eye is adjusted to keep the pole horizontal despite changing conditions, the sail will be both easier to handle and more efficient. A track is required for a spinnaker pole.
Vertical center to center hole spacing: 1-5/8"