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Quick Release Toggle Pin 1/4" x 5/8" w/ Lanyard

Part #: Z4449
For use at the bottom of Catalina 22 turnbuckles where the lower shrouds attach to the chainplate eyebolts and where the forestay attaches to the stem fitting. We suggest three of these toggle pins, typically used in three locations to facilitate easy trailering; one for the forestay, and one each on the two forward lower shrouds. These three are the only standing rigging wires that need to be detached when lowering the mast.
Capri 22 tip: Since the Capri 22 is a fractional rig, the lower shrouds need not be removed to lower the mast. For ease of trailering however I use two of these toggle type quick release pins with lanyards at the bottom end of the turnbuckles.

When the mast is down, just pop the quick pins and remove the top end of the lowers from the mast at the T-ball socket. Do the same with the forestay. Coil them up together and drop them in the cabin. You avoid having to secure the wires on deck for transport. It's a real time saver!