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High Output Solar Panel Kit

Part #: D1760
This solar kit includes a 20 watt panel (14" X 22-3/4") in an aluminum frame. We also include a dual charge controller with a battery temperature sensor to optimize the charge. Mounted to any horizontal tube of the stern pulpit, the solar panel can be rotated to match the angle of the sun. With the included quick release brackets and deck mounted electrical plug, the panel can be easily removed and stowed while sailing.
This panel is large enough to handle the average sailor's use on a boat up to about 27 feet. And the controller prevents overcharging during those periods when you just aren't able to get to the boat as often as you might like. The only problem we have with this installation is it is so trouble free that owners often forget about it completely. It is still necessary to check the electrolyte level occasionally!
Solar Panel:
• 12V DC nominal output
• Outstanding low light performance
• Heavy duty anodized aluminum frame
• High transparent low-iron, tempered glass
• 20W peak performance
• Meets salt mist (IEC 61701) standards

Dual Controller:
• Zero standby consumption
• No radio interference
• Auto shut off (blocking diode not required)
• Protection against: short-curcuit, reverse polarity, over load, over temp
• Can charge completely discharged battery
• Solid state
1) Given the rapidly changing solar panel market, the panel you receive is likely to look different in some way than the panel pictured. It may be a slightly different size or the cell layout may be different for example. What remains the same is its rigid design with a robust aluminum frame and brackets for pulpit mounting.

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