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Battery Kit

Part #: D1761

We no longer offer this product. 

Our kit provides all of the parts necessary to add cruising range to your electrical system.

We include the all important fiberglass tray. Bonded to the hull, it secures the battery inside its plactic box. Without it, the battery could become a 50 pound projectile inside your boat.
Everything you need to add capacity to your existing system is included: battery box, fiberglass tray, epoxy, explosion proof "off-1-both-2" master switch, wire, terminals and all the connectors. Even wire ties are included for a tidy, professional job. Add a group 24 battery from a local source and you've doubled your onboard power.

As an alternative to a second battery you might want to consider one of our solar panel kits pictured below. Rather than adding additional storage, add the ability to recharge the battery you already have.

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