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Hatch Gasket Black Rubber

Part #: Z4570
For forward hatch, cockpit seat lockers and pop top in boats with a molded groove in the deck flange.

Sold per foot.
Catalina began using this type of gasket around 1979. The exact year its use began depends upon your boat model. Almost every Catalina sailboat built after 1986 uses this gasket somewhere, on seat lockers, pop tops, or forward hatches. The Catalina 30 began using this gasket May of 1979, hull #1548, on the forward hatch that requires 7' 6" length. All Catalina 250's and the new Catalina 22 Sports use this gasket.

This is a new and improved version from the original. The new version is hollow to allow easier compression. It is also slightly taller to provide a more effective seal.

• Part #Z2294, adhesive to bond gasket to the boat
• Part #Z5019, adhesive to bond the two ends of the gasket together

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