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Hatch Adjuster for Fiberglass Hatches

Part #: Z4533
This adjuster is used on all recent boats where a solid fiberglass hatch is used including the Catalina 22 Sport, Catalina 250, Capri 18 and Capri 22. It was also used on earlier boats before the fiberglass forward hatch was upgraded to clear acrylic. These boats include the Catalina 27, Catalina 30, Catalina 34 and Catalina 36.
It also replaces the early "windshield adjuster" holder used in the early 70's although the fastener holes in the boat must be filled and re-drilled. In that early configuration, the adjusters were intended to both hold the hatch open and hold it closed. In reality, they never did hold the hatch closed properly. They could not pull the hatch against its gasket with enough pressure to create a seal. I know more than once I slept on V-berth cushions that were damp from a leaking hatch.

To retrofit the early hatch, use one of these adjusters plus two hatch dogs installed on the leading edge of the hatch (see the photo under "May we suggest" below). The adjuster holds the hatch open. The dogs hold the hatch closed. They are tightened down until they squeeze the gasket and create a superior seal.
• Length (minimum): 10-1/4"
• Length (maximum): 19-1/4"

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