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Compass 4-1/2" Bulkhead Mount

Part #: Z2148
No Longer Available. Please see part Z3044 listed below instead.

In order to make reclining in the cockpit comfortable, Catalina designs the bulkhead at an angle. Most manufacturers make the bulkhead vertical for ease of manufacture and to make the interior feel bigger. Most compasses are made to mount on vertical bulkheads.
Our compasses have an extra internal gimbal ring. They accommodate the angle of the Catalina bulkhead without an elaborate, high maintenance mounting wedge. Compasses without this extra gimbal ring and mounted without the proper wedge do not provide an accurate heading.
If you sail a small boat in areas with rough seas, buy the biggest compass you can afford. The larger the compass, the more stable, accurate, and visible the card.
Includes a back cover for a tidy appearance inside the boat (pictured on the left) and a front cover to protect the compass from the sun (pictured on the right). Black card with white letters, black housing. Mounting hole: 4" diameter. Overall width: 6"

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