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Compass 4" Angle Bulkhead Mount

Part #: Z3044
In order to make reclining in the cockpit comfortable, Catalina designs the forward bulkhead in the cockpit at an angle. This is just one reason why your Catalina's cockpit is more comfortable than most. Most builders make the bulkhead vertical for ease of manufacture and to make the interior feel bigger. But most compasses are made to mount on these vertical bulkheads.

Our compass is a special model that can be mounted on bulkheads inclined 10 to 25 degrees from vertical to accommodate your Catalina's bulkhead. It has 12 volt overhead lighting for visibility at night (accessible from the front face). The card is readable from both the cockpit
and from inside the cabin. A built-in inclinometer and front protective cover are standard. Universal balance: around the world with one single compass.
You will sometimes see similar compasses advertised with pretty white or blue bezels. Don't be tempted! You might like the stylish look when you install them, but 5 years later, our black compass will still look good. A white bezel will have yellowed with age. A blue bezel will have a chalky, faded look. Over time, black plastic always withstands harmful ultraviolet sunlight the best!

If you sail a small boat in areas with rough seas, buy the biggest compass you can afford. The larger the compass, the more stable, accurate, and visible the card, especially when the going gets rough.

• Dual-reading compass lets you view your boat's heading from both the cockpit and the cabin
• Cone-shaped card has both vertical and horizontal graduations for front and top readings
• Crisp red card and 5 degrees are easy to read, up to 15' away
• 2 lubberlines at 45 degrees each side of the main lubberline eliminate parallax error when reading from the side
• Built-in clinometer is graduated every 5 degrees
• Mounts in any bulkhead inclined from 10 degrees to 25 degrees from vertical
• Viton® diaphragm accommodates liquid expansion and prevents bubble formation
• Includes snap-on protective cover
• 5 year limited manufacture warranty
• Apparent card diameter: 4"
• Overall diameter of bezel: 6"
• Mounting hole diameter: 4-3/4" (plus a 3/4" notch required at the bottom for optional compensation capsule)
• Bulkhead Maximum thickness: 1.6" (40mm)
Caution: If you decide you must purchase a compass from another source, please verify it is designed for an angled bulkhead. Almost none are. Those that aren't will not work on the typical Catalina bulkhead without a large (and unsightly) wedge between the bulkhead and compass to make the mounting surface vertical.