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Tiller Head CP-25, CP-26, C-27, C-30

Part #: H1958
Our new stainless steel tiller head replaces the cast bronze tiller head on the Capri 26, Catalina 27 and Catalina 30. It includes matching stainless steel tiller straps. It is machined to fit the 2.355" diameter rudder post of the Catalina 30.
When used as a replacement for the original Capri 26 or Catalina 27 tiller head, use the supplied shim to fit the 1.65" diameter rudder post used on these boats. Note that the mounting hole pattern for the tiller is NOT the same as the original tiller head. A new tiller will be required.

The oval mounting hole which secures the head to the post is 3/4" off of the base of the head (measured to the center of the oval), 1/2" wide, and 3/4" tall. This hole is oval to allow for variations in the hole location on different boats.

Since the Catalina 30 uses a more robust tiller than the Capri 25, Capri 26 and Catalina 27, owners of these boats retrofitting to this new part will need to upgrade their tiller as well. Catalina 27 sailors should refer to the Catalina 30 tiller pictured below under "May we also suggest" part #K1240. Capri 26 owners may also need to purchase a new tiller. New Capri 26 tillers are available on a special order basis.

May we also suggest