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Winch Lewmar 16
Self Tailing

Part #: Z1634
For many years the Lewmar 16 was the optional self tailing winch used by the factory on the Catalina 22 and Catalina 25. It is also an ideal cabin top mounted halyard (and mainsheet) winch on the Catalina 27, Catalina 270, Catalina 28, and Catalina 30. In some circumstances it can also be used as the primary winch on a Catalina 27 if the heads'l is limited to a 110% jib.

For those unfamiliar with self tailing winches, they are excellent for short handed or single handed sailing. The self tailing mechanism on the top of the winch holds the line for you, yet when you crank the handle the sheet. is hauled in without the line stacking up on the winch. This allows one person to handle both the helm and the jib sheet.

All dimensions are the same on the 14ST and the 16ST including the power ratio with the exception of the height:
• Drum diameter: 65.7mm (~2-9/16")
• Base diameter: 121mm (~4-3/4")
• Power ratio: 15.8:1 (for every pound applied to the handle, 15.8 pounds are applied to the line)
• Required Mounting Fasteners: (5) 6mm (~1/4") flat head on 94mm (~3-11/16")
Not Included
• Height (14ST): 121mm (~4-3/4")
• Height (16ST): 145.5mm (~5-3/4")

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