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Lifeline Standard Kit C-25, CP-25

Part #: E1941
For your safety and the safety of your crew, inspect your lifeline regularly. If they are over 10 years old, replace them. Corrosion inside of old end terminals where you can't inspect will cause failure at the worst time.
We make it easy to add lifelines to an early boat or replace your existing lifelines. We use only type 316 corrosion resistant stainless wire (not the usual type 304) vinyl coated to 5/16".

The wire diameter is 3/16".

Our standard kit includes continuous lifeline from bow to stern. A pelican hook at your stern pulpit makes it easy to board. A turnbuckle is provided forward to accommodate stretch in the wire over time.

This set of two complete lifelines also includes the tools needed for installation. One lifeline per side ends with a pelican hook that attaches to the stern pulpit. Trim the wire to length with the stainless cable cutters Install the last end fitting on each wire. The installation tool, used before by the owners like yourself, may be returned for a refund.

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