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Clam Cleat for Outhaul, Reef

Part #: Z2382
This special Clamcleat® is a direct replacement for the plastic clamcleat used on the underside the boom of the Capri 22, Capri 25, Catalina 250, and Catalina 27, hulls 6493 and later. The aluminum cleat shown at the left above fits the same hole pattern as the black plastic cleat shown at the right above for reference.

The cleats are used for the outhaul , flattening reef and deep reef. All three lines are lead internal, inside the boom.
The early Catalina 30 also used a clamcleat for their outhaul. It was located near the gooseneck on the underside of the boom. We are not certain (although it is likely) that the hole spacing on this new cleat is the same on all of the old cleats. You might have to drill one new hole.

The original plastic cleats tend to flex under load and release the line. The plastic also wears rapidly and soon wont hold at all. Aluminum is much stronger and won't flex under load. It also includes a roller to reduce friction when you haul on the line at less then a perfect angle.
• Length: 3-1/4"
• Width: 3/4"

Fastener holes:
• Size: 3/16" or #10
• Center to center: 2-5/8"

Fits line size:
• 1/8" to 1/4" diameter

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