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Gooseneck Sheaves for
CP-22, CP-25, C-250, C-27

Part #: Z2533
Do your outhaul and reef lines not work as easily as they should? These sheaves replace the stock gooseneck sheaves with ball bearing versions for lower rolling resistance. A set of three, they replace both the reef line sheaves and the sheave for the outhaul.
Both of the reef lines and the outhaul line leads from the aft end of the boom, forward to the gooseneck, then aft again to the exit and cleat. With this system, you can haul the line aft while looking forward to reef or trim the outhaul.

Since they are not visible without removing the gooseneck, they probably have never been replaced. Old sheaves may contribute to difficult reefing.

• Outside diameter: 1-1/8"
• Inside diameter: 1/4"
• Width: 1/2"
• Line diameter: 5/16" line

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