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Rope Clutch Double
5/32" To 5/16" Diameter Line

Part #: Z2722
Spinlock XAS Powerclutch. Ideal for the Catalina 22, Catalina 25 and Catalina 250 where smaller halyards and control lines are led aft to the cockpit.
• Length: 5-1/4"
• Width: 2-1/2"
• Fastener size: 1/4-20 flat head machine screw
• Fastener spacing (center to center): 3-1/8" fore and aft; 1" side to side
• Line diameter: 5/32" to 5/16"
• Safe working load: 900 pounds

We procure a special model of this clutch to make it perfect for smaller boats. Most double Spinlocks you see on the shelf are different inside and require larger line. They will not hold smaller line without slipping like this model will.

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