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Boom Extrusion Only CP-22, CP-25

Part #: CD7022

Please call for the current price of this spar and discuss options. 

One of our Final OEM spar offerings. We were able to buy the last of the factory oem masts and booms and are happy to be able to offer them to our customers. Please be aware that this boom was extruded years ago and has been at the factory ever since. It is not a pristine part that was extruded last month.
This boom extrusion is for Capri 22s built prior 2012, hull 1258 and earlier. This extrusion is also used for replacement Capri 25 booms. The parts in stock are machined for the Capri 22, but additional holes in the lower rib can be easily added for use on the Capri 25. Note that the shape is close to the original Capri 25 booms, but it is not exact match, so if this is to be used on a Capri 25, you will need to buy the appropriate boom end castings and fittings.

This boom extrusion measures 9' 8" long.

1) This is a one time close out item. All sales are final, so choose carefully.

2) This item does not conform to the shipping table in the Shopping Cart. Additional shipping must be calculated. When you place your order we always call with a shipping quote before billing your card. For a quote in advance, just call 800/959-7245.

3) An additional packaging charge also applies to this item. A quantity of ten feet (10) of part #CRATE42 must be added to the order. See the "Required Packaging Charge" displayed below.