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Gooseneck Retrofit CP-22, CP-25

Part #: E9028
Attaches to the swivel eye on gooseneck castings used on on the Capri 22 up to and including hull 1258, Capri 25 and Catalina 250 up to and including hull 905. Also used on model Catalina 27's, hulls 6493 and later, that used this same boom extrusion. These booms include an extruded in "tab" along the bottom of the boom. Mainsheet and boom boom vangs attach to the boom via shackles whose pins fasten through a horizontal hole through the extruded tab.
The mains'l tack shackle attaches through the included gooseneck clip. The vertical pin attaches the clip to the mast bracket using a reinforced stainless steel sleeve.

This is a must have retrofit for early Capri 22's originally supplied with a sliding gooseneck. This assembly will retrofit the rig to the fixed gooseneck arrangement used on the Capri 22 MkII. By eliminating the slide and fixing the gooseneck in place, it provides for proper use of a cunningham and reefing. The top of the mast bracket is mounted 19" above the bottom of the mast base.

The original extruded aluminum fixed mast bracket for the Capri 25 mast is no longer available. The holes in the stainless bracket are not the same hole pattern as those in the original extruded bracket. The shape of the stainless mast bracket may need to be flattened somewhat in a vise to match the radius of the Capri 25 mast.

Gooseneck clip:
• Horizontal clevis pin diameter: 3/8"
• Horizontal clevis pin grip: 5/8"
• Inside width of clip at horizontal clevis pin: 5/16"
• Vertical clevis pin diameter: 1/4"

Mast bracket dimensions:
• Height: 2-3/8"
• Overall width: ~2-3/4"
• Vertical clearance between ears: ~ 1-1/8"
• Clevis pin diameter: 1/4"
• Clevis pin grip: 1-1/2"
• Vertical hole spacing (center to center): 7/8"
• Horizontal hole spacing (center to center): ~11/16"
• Fastener hole diameter: 3/16" (
Note: holes are oval, with the horizontal dimension larger. The original parts were punched, then bent. As a result, the port to starboard dimensions of the mounting hole spacing was not precise. The oval mounting holes in the replacement part accommodate this variation.)