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Upper Shrouds, Trim-2-Fit, C-27, CP-25

Part #: H1989
Upper shroud set for the Catalina 27 or the Capri 25. We start with corrosion resistant type 316 stainless steel wire. A roll swaged fitting is used on the top fittings. A new open design turnbuckle body made from bronze and plated with chrome prevents the galling common to products made from all stainless steel. This design can be securely pinned to prevent the turnbuckle from unscrewing.
We include a user installed swageless compression terminal stud on the lower end of each wire. The body screws directly onto the stud eliminating the top turnbuckle toggle. There are fewer parts that can fail and fewer parts to snag sails and sheets. when compared to the older design which incorporated both upper and lower t-bolt and toggle assemblies. We replace your old turnbuckle toggles with a forged T-bolt design which cannot accidentally unscrew from the bottom slug like earlier designs. Turnbuckle clevis pins and new cotter pins are provided.

Note:These shrouds are made to order just for you. When you order it we cut the wire from a long reel and swage on the fitting. We can't splice it back onto the reel or remove the fitting we swaged on for you. Once you order it your order cannot be canceled, modified, returned, or exchanged, so please choose carefully!