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Whisker Pole Kit
C-25, C-27 84" to 190"

Part #: E1797
This whisker pole is 84" when collapsed and 190" when extended with self-latching fittings on both ends. Our kit includes everything you need to install the pole: A heavy duty stainless steel mast eye, fasteners, even the correct size drill bit needed for installation.
Adding a whisker pole to your boat is one of the easiest ways to increase it's performance. By extending the clew of the jib or genoa into clean air and out from the shadow of the main, the down wind performance increases dramatically without the use of a spinnaker.

In addition, the added support for the heads'l increases its stability. Balancing the amount of sail on each side of the boat eliminates weather helm and dampens the rolling motion. Constant flogging of the sail is eliminated. One can see why a whisker pole is considered standard equipment on cruising sail boats.

Installation is easy. Simply install the mast pad eye at a height similar to the height of the clew of the foresail. The eye is typically installed with the self tapping screws provided but can also be installed with pop rivets.

This whisker pole is adjustable in length. Collapsed for storage, extended for optimal use. It is long enough for use on a Catalina 25 with a 150% genoa or a Catalina 27 110% jib. It may also be used on a Catalina 27 135% genoa in light air. For ease of storage it collapses in three sections to 83" long. In use it will extend to 169".
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