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Alarm Module Dual Tone Engine Panel

Part #: Z4180
This alarm module is a dual purpose unit that works for both high engine coolant temperature and low oil pressure. Fitted to the back of the engine master panel, the "horn" extends through the panel so it is clearly audible in the cockpit.
This alarm has a dual tone. Typically they are wired such that:
• High water temperature alarm is a pulsating tone.
• Low oil pressure is a steady tone.

However, they can be wired in either combination by switching which sender is connected to the "S" and "P" terminals.

Read the article Engine Warning Alarm System under "Technical Support" below for more important information.

Clearance hole for alarm: ~1-1/8"

1) An alarm should sound as soon as your ignition is switched on. In fact, it should sound any time the ignition is switched on but the engine is not running. If this is not the case, investigate immediately as you do not have the protection of a low oil pressure alarm.

2) The high temperature alarm is only available if your engine is equipped with the high temperature alarm switch located in the engine's thermostat housing. This is a second sensor in addition to the standard temperature gauge sender.

3) The alarm is designed to operate at a maximum of 24 volts and is what Catalina used with their 12 volt systems.

Technical Support

Engine Warning Alarm System
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