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VHF Antenna Kit C-27

Part #: H1928
Our kit includes everything needed for a seamanlike installation of a VHF masthead antenna aboard your Catalina 27 standard or tall rig.
Ours installs at the masthead exactly where you want it. Regardless if you are calling a fellow sailor to arrange a rendezvous or looking for the Coast Guard in an emergency, you want to be heard. Your VHF transmission is line-of-sight. That means the signal will reach as far as the horizon. The higher the antenna, the farther away the horizon, and the farther your signal will reach.

We include everything you need for a proper installation. From large pre-tinned Ancor coax cable for low signal loss to wire ties for a clean installation, it’s all in the box. The cable can be easily disconnected when you un-step the mast. The connection is made inside the cabin so it is out of the weather for longer life and trouble free operation.

• AIS Compatible
• Frequency Range 156-163 MHz (includes NOAA Weather Radio)
• Power output up to 250 watts

Our antenna is the only one that will work with a Windex AV wind direction wind indicator. It avoids interference between the antenna and Windex by pivoting around the antenna whip.

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