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Dripless Shaft Seal Burb Kit

Part #: Z5492
Shaft seal air burp kit. Install 3/8" ID hose lead up from the hose barb to a point at least 2' above the waterline to burp any air from the shaft seal to ensure it does not run dry. Keep the hose as close as possible to the centerline of the boat so the top of the vent hose is never below the waterline, even if the boat heels.

We include 10' of 3/8" ID hose, however your requirements maybe less or greater to reach 2' above the waterline.
• 3/8" ID x 10' length of below waterline marine rated hose
• Stainless steel with rubber cushion bulkhead mounts, qty 3 ea.
• Smooth wall stainless steel hose clamps, qty 2 ea.
• Stainless steel #10 x 3/8" fasteners, qty 3 ea.