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Opening Port Gasket, 5000 Series, Bomar Nibo 7-5/8" x 14-9/16" Spring '95->

Part #: Z2599
This gasket fits the Nibo 5 X 12, 5000 series opening port, identified below that was manufactured from 1995 to present.
This port is identified by a unique handle on the lens. It is a small cylinder with the word "Nibo" molded into the end that is used to pull the lens closed. The dogs on the Nibo port are mounted on the frame, not on the lens.

The factory primarily used Lewmar ports. It is likely Bomar ports were used to continue boat production during periods when the Lewmar ports were not available.

Known Usage:

• Catalina 25
• Capri 26
• Catalina 27
• Catalina 270
• Catalina 28
• Catalina 30
• Catalina 36

There may be other uses we are not aware of. They were also not used every year the boat was produced.

If you have a different size boat that used this port, let us know and we'll add your boat size to the list to aid other Catalina owners.

Dimensions of the port
• Outside of mounting flange (measured on the outside of the boat): 7-5/8" x 14-9/16" Spring
• Cut out size (i.e. the hole in the deck): 6-3/4" x 13-11/16"

Bomar made two different versions of these ports. They are now discontinued however replacement parts are still available. Early ports, built until spring of 1995, used our gasket #Z2704 pictured below under "May we also suggest". Later ports built after spring or 1995 used this thicker gasket pictured above, #Z2599.

Caution: Unfortunately, if your boat was built anywhere near this transitional date, there is no way for you to know which port you have. Even if your boat was built in 1996 for example, it is possible that Catalina still had inventory on the shelf, purchased in mid 1994 that was installed on your boat.

Bomar reports there are no defining characteristics that differentiate an early port from a late port. You should definitely measure the gaskets in your ports and compare to the dimensions pictured below in "More Images" for each of the two available gaskets. Perhaps this will provide a clue as to which port you have and which gasket to order.
for Bomar Series 5000, 5512 port