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Pedestal Steering Pull-Pull Conduit C-250, CP-26, C-27, C-30

Part #: Z3298
Pull-pull conduit for Edson wheel steering on Catalina 250, Capri 26, Catalina 27, and Catalina 30. The conduit properly aligns the steering cable feed from the pedestal to the quadrant. It is strongly recommended to change the conduit at the same time the cable and chain assembly is changed.
Six feet of conduit is supplied. You must trim the conduit with a hack saw to shorten as necessary. The final end can be removed and refitted as needed. Each conduit assembly includes two end fittings and two hose clamps, one of each for each end of the conduit.

Conduit assemblies sold each. Your boat requires two... Unless you have a Catalina 30. In that case purchase one conduit and two extra end fittings. Catalina 30s built in 1986 and earlier requires 2' and post 1986 requires 3'. Cut the conduit to the required length and add the end fittings. See "May we also suggest" below for the end fittings.


• C-250 two 6' each
• CP-26 two 5' each
• C-27 two 5' each
• C-30 1986 and earlier two 2' each
• C-30 post 1986 two 3' each
1) This item does not conform to the shipping table in the Shopping Cart. Additional shipping must be calculated. When you place your order we always call with a shipping quote before billing your card. For a quote in advance, just call 800/959-7245.

2) This cable assembly is for use on the Catalina 30 built in 1986 and earlier. You can tell if this is the part you need if there is NO removable cover over a well aft in the cockpit. The cover conceals the radial drive wheel in later models. In earlier models, the entire mechanism was below deck.

3) Although records are nonexistent, the very early Catalina 36 (we believe through hull number 231) used the same cable-through-conduit system. Without any records to refer to, we are not sure if the C-36 used the same length conduit. Be sure to measure your existing conduit to discover if 3' is long enough for you. If not, please call our tech support number listed at the bottom of the page for additional assistance.

Caution: You must confirm your boat uses the two cable pull-pull system, not the single cable push-pull system used on some earlier boats. The early Catalina 250 used the single push-pull cable. You must also confirm that the 6' length is long enough.