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Tiller Deluxe, 1-1/2" X 43-1/2" African Mahogany & Ash, C-25, C-250, CP-26

Part #: E9036
Our deluxe tiller are created using only the finest white ash with hard, dense and extra strong African mahogany.

This strength allows a more elegant shape and profile forward than our standard Philippine mahogany and ash tillers. The most beautiful pieces of wood are hand selected for the top and bottom layers ensuring this tiller will be the centerpiece of your cockpit. Laminated in seven layers, they are glued using high quality waterproof glue.
The tiller is finished with five coats of UV resistant varnish. This careful attention to detail allows us to offer a three year factory warranty against delamination, the longest tiller warranty available.
• Width (at the butt end of the tiller): 1-1/2""
• Height (at the butt end of the tiller): 2"
• Rise (see "Warnings & Notes"): 9-3/4"
• Length: 43-1/2"
Caution: It is recommended to cover your tiller while not in use. Varnished tillers left in the weather will discolor and diminish it's beauty. There is a 3 year warranty to protect against de-lamination, which is the separation of layers of wood, not the varnish. Please see "May we also suggest" below for cover options.

1) This tiller measures 2" high X 1-1/2" wide (at the rudder end) X 43-1/2" long. It fits all Catalina 25 rudders except the Catalina 25 Blue Water rudder. It also fits most Catalina 250's. A few Catalina 250's used a tiller that measures 2" high X 2" wide (at the rudder end) X 43-1/2" long. If your rudder requires this larger tiller, see #E2016 below under "May we also suggest".

2) Used on later models Capri 25 and 26 models. Please be sure to measure the length of your tiller. This tiller is 43-1/2", some earlier Capri 25 and 26 models had 36" long tillers. If yours requires 36" in length, see R1024 below under "May we also suggest".

3) Rise is measured, with the butt end of the tiller on a flat surface, from that surface to the top of the curve of the tiller.