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Propane Tank, 4# (~1gal)

Part #: Z2763

Four pound (approximately one gallon) propane tank with new mandated safety feature called an overfill protection device. Powder coated steel.

A properly installed tank locker is absolutely essential for a safe propane system installation. The locker must be equipped with a bottom drain connected via a hose to a fitting on the outside of the hull for proper ventilation overboard.

Older tanks (made before September 30, 1998) were not equipped with an overfill protection device. By law, all new tanks are required to have this device to prevent accidental fires. Newer valves use a triangular valve handle, while older ones have a five pronged handle. If you have the older style tank/valve combo, you must measure the available height to make certain there is adequate room for the newer, slightly taller, tank. One way to accomplish this is to measure the height of your current tank, compare that to the height of the new tank, and insert a shim of a height equal to the difference underneath the old tank, then check to see if the lid fits correctly.

• Diameter of base: 9-1/4"
• Overall height: 11-3/4"
• Distance across handles at top: 6-3/4"

1) If the propane tank in your boat is stowed in a plastic locker with a blue plastic lid, you will likely need to replace the lid if you are replacing the older style tank/valve combo. The new tank is taller to make room for the overfill protection device inside the tank. Unless the lid was already replaced in the past to accommodate the larger tank, the new tank demands more space inside the locker. You must measure the available height to make certain there is adequate room for the newer, slightly taller, tank. See the related part below pictured under "May we also suggest".

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